Saturday Schadenfreude: Rachel Maddow

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Nobody in the media ran harder on the hope that President Trump could be driven from office by findings from Robert Mueller than Rachel Maddow of MSNBC.  The news that the Mueller Report has been delivered to Attorney General Barr and that no further indictments will come — meaning no charges will be filed alleging collusion with Russia — is terrible news for those in politics and the media who have been constantly alleging treasonous behavior by candidate and President Trump.

Last night, Ms. Maddow seemed subdued, and maybe a tad emotional (look at those eyes!):

Screen grab from Grabien (cropped).


As more information from the report becomes available, I expect that there will complaints, demands, and allegations.  There's always something for kvetching.  And Democrats would much rather talk about this fantasy than the merits of the Green New Deal or socialism.