Hickenlooper has a point

Like you, I'm having a hard time following the Democratic candidates running for President, from Beto to Bernie!

It seems like all they do is make statements to appeal to the left-wing crowds showing up at their rallies.  My God, you can't even get a Democrat willing to say abortion in the eighth month is more than a talking point about reproductive rights.  These people are automatic responses to any question that comes their way.

I've asked myself a few times: will any one of these guys and gals ever say something politically incorrect?

My answer came in the name of Governor John Hickenlooper.  He may have said the unthinkable:

Asked by Dana Bash if he would vow to put a woman on his presidential ticket, John Hickenlooper replied, “Of course,” and then said, “How come we’re not asking, more often, the women, ‘Would you be willing to put a man on the ticket?’” 

The governor has a good point.

I would advise the governor to go farther.  He should ask: why aren't we focusing on nominating a ticket that can win 270 electoral votes rather than just looking to check off boxes on an identity politics checklist?

I plan to vote for President Trump.  On the one hand, I want the Democrats to keep going lefty crazy.  On the other hand, our democracy depends on two serious parties that can discuss real-world solutions to our complicated problems.

Maybe Governor Hickenlooper is a ray of hope!

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