Omar blames flow of illegals on 'white nationalism'

Rep. Ilhan Omar is at it again, and as you may imagine, the famously America-hating congresswoman is not too happy with America.  According to Sean Hannity:

Recently sworn-in Congresswoman Ilhan Omar weighed-in on the country's escalating border crisis this week; baselessly blaming the migrant caravan's arrival in El Paso on "white nationalism."

"This is abhorrent and inhumane.  It's without a doubt a reflection of what white nationalism is doing to our country.  As a country, we have to acknowledge that this is how people are being treated here and decide that we are better and we must do better," tweeted Omar.

Did we just read that right?  Illegal immigration and its consequences are all the work of "white nationalism"?  The people she pictures in her crazy tweet have all been detained for choosing to migrate illegally.

Weird stuff, given that the people being detained are coming here to actually live.  Why would anyone want to move to a place festering with "white nationalism"?  Someone should ask her.

Is she saying the illegal aliens who broke U.S. law to get here are masochists?

Perhaps she recognizes that the U.S. let her in, and given that the Central Americans are higher on the human development scale than the land of her birth, all of them have a right to come in unvetted.

Or is she just waving the "racism" stick, confident that Americans will gladly bow to it, regardless of her twisted logic, and then presumably skip that little matter of rule of law to allow all unvetted comers in?

Obviously, it's the latter, and her aim is to support Democrats by importing Democrats, using the perceived vulnerability of Americans to racism charges as a means of getting unvetted migrants into the U.S. 

She knows that about this place like the back of her hand, and she's working it.

It's a sorry way to get what she wants, given that poor people migrate away from hellholes, not toward them.  Is she saying America, and all its "white nationalists" have some kind of mesmerizing power to force migrants to come here regardless of what they really want, same as she said about the Jews of Israel in one of her famous anti-Semitic rants?  She probably does think this.

Omar is a socialist, so her perspective is disastrously disordered.  Maybe someone should ask her why these detained migrants mysteriously drawn to all that "white nationalism" aren't moving instead to socialist paradises such as Venezuela or Cuba, both of which are closer to the point of origin of the migrants, bearing no language barriers.

Not going to happen with the current press, so she's going to get away with putting that out as part of the Democrats' ongoing "narrative."

It still stands as absurd, however, showing how far gone she is on the logic front.  She'll whip out the racism stick for literally anything.

Image credit: Lorie Shaull via Flickr, detailCC BY-SA 2.0.

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