New post–Mueller Report poll shows Trump gaining support

Public opinion is on the move.  But for the full impact of the revelations from Team Mueller, we are going to have to wait for the release of the redacted report itself, and for President Trump's promised pushback.  In the meanwhile, a new poll from McLaughlin & Associates — part of a monthly series — shows that support for President Trump is going up in the wake of the release of the summary of the conclusions of the Mueller Special Counsel Report in a four-page letter from A.G. Barr.

Given the time lag involved in polling and the ongoing kerfuffle raised by Democrat demands that A.G. Barr violate the law and release an unredacted version, the movement is not sharp, but nonetheless significant.

The two most exciting findings are these:

Some 50 percent of Hispanics approve of the president's job, according to the latest McLaughlin & Associates poll of likely general election voters.

What's more, the Republican Party has regained its edge over Democrats in the generic congressional ballot.

The almost universal assumption among Democrats and media is that Hispanics want open borders, and that they hate Trump.  That is obviously untrue, but Democrats and media are not — as we can see every day — particularly fond of the truth.  So we can expect them to continue to act on the basis of their caricatured notions of the general public that lives outside Manhattan and the D.C. area.

President Obama's policies seem to be declining in favorability, though why anyone would prefer low growth, stagnant incomes, and declining life expectancy — the known results of those policies — is beyond me.  The chart below, showing answers to the question of whether voters would prefer President Trump to continue Obama's policies or move in a different direction, shows a sharp turn away from Obama:

Polls, of course, are a snapshot of a moment, and there is more than a year and a half until the voters speak.  But for now, the trend is Trump's (and the GOP's) friend.

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