New Zealand’s over-reaction to mosque shooting: ‘The Kiwi Caliphate’?

One of the weirdest features of our current age is the eagerness of many westerners to embrace a sense of guilt toward Islam, even as Islamic terror dwarfs the few instances of anti-Islam terror, such as the detestable massacre at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. New Zealand is a beautiful country inhabited by people who, for the most part, are very nice. (Still, when I visited Auckland about 30 years ago in business, my Kiwi hosts cautioned me never to go out on the streets after dark because roaming gangs of Pacific Islanders were robbing and beating white people at the time. I do not know if this situation remains the same.)

The Prime Minister of New Zealand donned a hijab. And she had plenty of company aming Kiwi females.

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Bill Muehlenberg is an American journalist and blogger living in Melbourne, who has been following the reactions to the mosque shooting in New Zealand’s government and media, and he calls the level of official support for Islam that has emerged there “The Kiwi Caliphate. Some excerpts from his blog:

... one New Zealand book chain has pulled the best-selling book 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson simply because he dared to pose with some fan who had a t-shirt on which was critical of Islam.

A private business is free to do what it wants I suppose, but the rank hypocrisy here is sickening. As has been pointed out, while Whitcoulls has ditched Peterson’s book – which has sold millions of copies and helped so many people – it is still happily selling Hitler’s Mein Kampf!

Consider also some political fallout from this. On Tuesday March 19 Islamic prayers were heard in the New Zealand Parliament in a further “show of solidarity.” Um, whatever happened to the separation of mosque and state? Recall that over a year ago New Zealand dumped any mention of Jesus in its parliamentary prayer. As one report said at the time:

Mentions of Jesus and the Queen have been removed from Parliament’s Te reo karakia, or prayer. A consultation period for the new karakia isn’t over yet but the Speaker of the House, Trevor Mallard, has already adopted it, RNZ reports. That’s been causing concern amongst some in opposition, but Mallard says he’ll consider any feedback before a final decision is made.–no-more-queen-or-jesus

And on Friday Muslim prayers were broadcast around the nation with full, official government support and backing. Not only that but many schools were strongly encouraging their female students to wear a hijab in support. But I thought education in NZ was supposed to be secular?

Many are now wondering if the aim here is the eventual Islamisation of New Zealand. If so, not bad, considering only one per cent of its population is Muslim. While Christians make up around half of New Zealand’s population, it seems they have nowhere near such influence. Are we soon to witness the establishment of a Kiwi Caliphate?

And recall that the previous Friday various newsreaders for the evening news in New Zealand had donned the hijab for yet more ‘solidarity’ and ‘identification’ with the Muslim community. Wow. Talk about falling over themselves in an attempt to appease Muslims while effectively slapping the faces of those in the Christian community and other faith-based or even non-faith-based groups in NZ.

And even more frightening was this recent headline: “Hijab wearing police officer’s photo makes powerful statement in wake of Christchurch mosque shootings”. I offer the photo of this above.

So we now have the leader of the country, schools, the media, and the police – and who knows who else? – wilfully succumbing to dhimmitude as they seek the favour of Muslims. That is a real worry. While these clueless wonders and dhimmi dupes are donning the hijab all over the West, in Iran we have a different story: “Iranian Attorney Sentenced to 38 Years, 148 Lashes for Defending Women Who Removed Their Head Scarves”.

There is much more.

Hat tip: John McMahon

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