Michigan's Attorney General Dana Nessel toes the SPLC line

The thought police are coming to life in Michigan. The state's Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Agustin Arbulu, the director of the Department of Civil Rights, announced they have started the creation of a process to document so-called "hate crimes" and bias incidents, even those that do not rise to the level of a crime or civil infractions. For the record, Nessel, a 49-year-old Democrat, was elected to attorney general in 2018.  She squeezed by Republican Tom Leonard, 48–46%.  Interestingly, the Libertarian candidate pulled 2% of the vote.  Fortunately, the Republicans still have a majority in both the Michigan House and the Senate, although the Wolverine state now has a straight-down-the-line liberal governor.  In justifying this lawless behavior, Nessel cites a report from the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center that claims that hate and...(Read Full Post)
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