I have my 'Trump 2020' cap!

Quoting the Pointer Sisters' song, "I'm So Excited," my "Trump 2020" cap arrived in the mail.  I am not a red cap–wearing kind of guy.  But desperate times require desperate measures.  Trump must be re-elected. For over two years, the Deep State attempted a silent coup to remove Trump via the Mueller special council.  Their illegal scam failed.  Without fear of punishment for their crimes, the enraged Deep State is now trying to remove Trump by absurdly claiming he obstructed justice.  These people are relentless and evil. If Trump is not re-elected, Democrats will pass a law to kill babies after they are born.  Sharia law will gain more strongholds in our culture.  Our economy will tank due to job-killing crazy green policies.  Single-payer health care will empower Democrats to dictate who lives and who dies.  The LGBTQ agenda will be forced down...(Read Full Post)
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