House Democrats pass yet another laughable measure

It's pretty clear that the Democratic caucus that runs the House of Representatives has a low opinion of the intelligence of the American public, but a measure passed Tuesday takes the cake when it comes to wasting the taxpayers' time, attention span, and money.  At least the media have done them the favor of largely ignoring it. Intoxicated with the idea of investigating President Trump right out of office, until yesterday, they were able to cling to some pretense of plausibility, even if making ridiculous (and financially ruinous) demands on anyone associated with President Trump, including his children.  Those constraints no longer apply.  On a voice vote, making it impossible to hold any solon responsible for the idiocy: [L]awmakers approved the Vladimir Putin Transparency Act, a bipartisan [which Republican or Republicans?] bill that accuses Putin of undermining democratic reforms in Russia. "It is the sense of...(Read Full Post)
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