Media Matters has been throwing stones at Tucker Carlson from its own glass house

There is a lesson for conservatives in the latest chapter of the Big Money Left's campaign to silence Tucker Carlson: it is very hard to successfully bully someone who is laughing at you.

Media Matters, one of the principal enforcers of the Left's strategy of silencing dissident voices, desperately wants Tucker Carlson off the air.  He is the gutsiest voice in mass media attacking what he calls "tech tyranny," wherein conservative voices are suppressed by Google, Twitter, and other digital platforms and doesn't spare other bullies like the Southern Poverty Law Center and Media Matters itself.  Worst of all, he does this with a smile and laughter, exposing the Emperor's New Clothes reality of their pieties.

Yesterday saw an escalation in the war declared by Media Matters on Tucker and his employer, Fox News.  The leftists employ the strategy of using their huge financial resources derived from people like George Soros to (in David French's words):

[L]isten to hundreds of hours of radio shows or podcasts.  They'll watch tapes of cable news until their eyes glaze over. They'll scan through hundreds of thousands of written words — letting the sum total of the person's worldview and body of work wash over them — looking for that "gotcha" moment, the word or phrase that proves "the bad man really is bad."

Because America used to be far more committed to free speech and far less ready to purge media people, pretty much everyone in the media has said or written things that now are streng verboten post-#MeToo and post–P.C. fever.  Tucker made a bunch of jokes on a radio show called "Bubba the Love Sponge" and once the researchers at Media Matters discovered the tapes and listened to broadcasts from years ago, they had their ammo.

Step two is mobilizing outrage, feeding press releases to the 90% of the media already in their hands, and deploying "spontaneous demonstrations" to create the impression of widespread public outrage, which then is used to intimidate advertisers, thereby strangling revenue and forcing the broadcaster or publication to either fire the targeted person or risk its own economic viability.  (Media Matters has long sought to destroy Fox News.)

Right on cue, yesterday saw Fox's cable news rivals broadcast segments tut-tutting Tucker and FNC, and the "spontaneous demonstrators" deployed outside FNC's very visible headquarters on Sixth Avenue, just a block or so from Rockefeller Center.  Via Grabien:

But Tucker fought back.  I don't know who it was, but someone used the same strategy on Angelo Carusone, the president of Media Matters, and pored through his published opus.

Carusone, like Tucker and every other human being who was alive back when we had a greater degree of free speech, and when, in Jack Cashill's words, "irreverence" was the source of humor instead of the basis for a purge, has written some pretty awful things, including the Jew-hatred that is so characteristic of the hard left.

Tucker's opening segment of seven-plus minutes last night fought back, and he wisely didn't just call out Carusone's hypocrisy, but began with an emphasis on the culpability of his media handmaidens.

Watch and enjoy:

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