Feathers flying, Fox Bernie heads into the Democratic henhouse

Three weeks after signing a "loyalty pledge" to the Democratic Party in order to run for president with that party's resources on that party's ticket, socialist Bernie Sanders has something else in mind, hiring a team of rabid far leftists with long records of detesting the Democrats for his presidential campaign.

James Varney of the Washington Times has a delicious report:

Sen. Bernard Sanders has amassed a presidential campaign team of pit bulls skilled in the art of internal party warfare — and in many cases is still grinding axes over the way he was treated by the Democratic Party in his 2016 run for the White House.

Three members of his team didn't even back Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, and instead supported the Green Party in the general election.

Others have made a career of ripping the very people Mr. Sanders now faces in the 2020 Democratic primaries.

What a guy.

And for Trump-supporters, that means popcorn time.

Democratic operatives are warning that these actions by Bernie amount to "slash and burn."

Obviously, after the way Democrats treated Bernie during the 2016 campaign, scores are being settled.  Democrats back then cheated Bernie of the likely victory of the nomination he garnered through a sneaky campaign of leaks, collusion with media allies, and rigging the actual totals through party-picked "superdelegates."

What that now means for Democrats is Bernie biting back, coming back as a fox to the henhouse, shaming the Democrats into adopting his crazed leftist policy prescriptions as now part of its platform, pushing the Democrats into far-left nutbag territory as they try to unseat President Trump.

If I thought this would win, perhaps it would be bad.  But it's far more likely to bring casualties to the Democrat side than the Republican.  Noisemaking from socialist "it girl" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aside, a large contingent of the Democrats who did retake the House and won seats in the Senate ran on moderate platforms to win, meticulously persuading red-state voters that they wouldn't do anything crazy.  Those Democrats are about to be cut off at the knees as Bernie crazitude takes over the Democratic presidential platform and forces them all into conforming to its demands. 

It might be not a problem, except that Bernie has some very nasty, redolent of socialist Venezuela, ideas.  Now he's being buttressed with nasty people all in for fighting dirty who mean to shake the Democratic Party up.

Bernie isn't going to take it anymore from Democrats, so despite that loyalty pledge to the Democratic Party, all of the moderates are likely to be pitched over the side.

That leaves House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer with yet another problem on their hands, as if they didn't need more with the arrival of Rep. Ilhan Omar, leaving them to try to maintain control of their party splitting out and being pushed to the far left.

It's what they deserve.  For the rest of us, time to heat up the stove for some crunchy popcorn.

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