The Atlantic's unwelcome discovery

I am filing this under "Be careful what you wish for." The Atlantic Magazine may have used some of the money it saved by firing Kevin Williamson to commission a study on where the most prejudiced counties in America are.  Of course, the ultra-liberal magazine is now majority-controlled by Laurene Powell Jobs, the multi-billionaire widow of Steve Jobs, so it doesn't need to worry about its money running out.   I can't help but suspect that the flattering but incorrect self-image of progressives as being tolerant and conservatives narrow-minded was behind the project.  But that's not how it turned out.  Two different articles (here and here) lay out the results with all the many assumptions and limitations that must be held in mind.  But this paragraph says a lot: [T]he most politically intolerant county in America appears to be Suffolk County, Massachusetts,...(Read Full Post)
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