Democrats get ready to issue anti-Semitic Ilhan Omar their 'stern warning'

Three episodes of anti-Semitic remarks in two months of office, and Democrats are now taking Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, to task:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top Democrats will take floor action Wednesday in response to controversial remarks by Rep. Ilhan Omar about Israel, the second such rebuke of the freshman Democrat from party leaders in recent weeks.

Pelosi and other senior Democrats have drafted a resolution to address the controversy, which ballooned over the weekend following a public clash between Omar and senior Jewish lawmakers.

The resolution, which began circulating to members Monday night, comes after a backlash from top Democrats who accused Omar of anti-Semitism for referring to pro-Israel advocates' "allegiance to a foreign country."

The draft measure is four pages that largely details the history and recent rise of anti-Semitism in the U.S. but does not specifically name Omar, which had been an internal dispute among Democrats.

That's the proverbial "stern warning," following on from Pelosi's earlier "yelling at" statement to Omar for the second incident, yet the press reports it's somehow unprecedented.

Actually, they're doing nothing, and Omar can see they're doing nothing, not even naming her for her statements, which are the reason the resolution is coming out in the first place.  She's an odious anti-Semite; she's proven it with her statements, covering the map of the anti-Semitic universe — from Jews rule the world to Jewish money controls politics to Jews having dual loyalties — and now she's doubling down on it, refusing to apologize.

What they should be doing is forcing consequences for that kind of talk, such as taking away her coveted House Foreign Relations Committee seat.  Rep. Steve King lost his committee assignments for a lot less, and not only is Omar using that seat to travel at taxpayer expense to places of interest to her, such as Eritrea, which borders her native Somalia, but she's using it to grandstand against the U.S.'s measured response to Venezuela in a way that the Russians or Iranians would find pretty pleasing.  She's also got access to top-secret information even as her anti-Semitic views and disgusting Jew-hating terrorist-linked associates make her a security risk.  She doesn't belong anywhere near a House Foreign Relations Committee seat, and her three anti-Semitic statements should be reason enough to throw her off. 

What's more, she's ignoring her Democratic colleagues who have asked her to apologize, such as House Foreign Relations Committee chairman Eliot Engel, seemingly taking the advice of famed anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, who called her "sweetheart" and told her to stop apologizing.  Even creepier, she's now claiming she's the victim. 

So now she gets a House resolution for her refusal to cut it out.  Bully for that.  The press says it's a big deal, but it's not a big deal because she's just going to keep carrying on as she's always carried on.  Like any anti-Semite or Jew-hater, she's obsessed with the topic and can't stop talking about it.  Once the resolution is passed, she will keep on making Jew-hating statements.  She's already done it three times, ignoring past rebukes.

What a loserly bunch these Democrats are.  Once the resolution is passed, Omar will come out with a new anti-Semitic statement, and once again, they'll make another "stern warning."  They'll do it till the cows come home and Omar seizes the "narrative."

All they are doing is showing how ineffectual they are.  When a party can't put a damper on the open anti-Semites in its ranks, it's obviously unfit for any right to issue laws to the rest of us.

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