College admissions scandal now has a tantalizing mystery

Today, the first set of parents charged in the college admissions scandal will appear in court in Boston, offering our celebrity-obsessed media an opportunity to move along from their two years of obsession over the now discredited Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.  Having discredited themselves by relentlessly pushing an evidence-free conspiracy, they likely now will turn to the story of how the ruling class rigs the system that is supposed to produce a meritocracy justifying their power and influence. The story already is irresistible on its own, in addition to its potential to change the subject.  But the Los Angeles Times today highlights a huge mystery that prosecutors are keeping under wraps: Of the many outrageous allegations revealed by federal prosecutors in the college cheating scandal, one stands out. Someone paid $6.5 million to get his or her children into elite schools.  But the identity of that parent —...(Read Full Post)