A word of caution on Ocasio-Cortez

Scott Adams, the "Dilbert" creator, says our side is greatly underestimating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — that she is by no means a dummy, and that at this point, she is the second most persuasive American political figure, after Trump.  She is hugely popular among the young, the Left, and Hispanics.  She would have very high poll numbers if she ran for president: a young good-looking Hispanic woman with moxie, unafraid to take on the powers that be.

My son told me the same thing this week — that she had effectively seized leadership of a national movement.  Of course, she may be used by others as a vehicle to advance causes, but ultimately, the elected official has the power.

I think it helps our side in the short term if she and her colleagues on the Left try to purge moderate elements in the Democratic Party in the name of purity and saving the planet.  That will help the GOP win back seats in swing districts if more radical nominees emerge.

But I think the Left is, as always, playing a long game, relying on support from the media, Hollywood, the public schools and college indoctrination, and the changing demography of the country.  In time, leftists believe that a pure leftist-controlled America can emerge, and I am not sure they are wrong.  Minority groups would have to swing away from their voting patterns for this not to occur.  So far, I see no evidence of this.  (I would not put much credence in a single poll of a subgroup with maybe 100 phone interviews.) 

I think the continued provocation by Ilhan Omar is part of the same process of moving the Overton Window — the range of subjects that are acceptable for discussion.  Eventually Pelosi and the supposed more mainstream Dems get tired of disciplining her.  Then her message and that of those who think like her will only come from more places and more obnoxiously.

Expect that support for Israel will be a major debate at the 2020 Democratic convention, especially if Sanders is the nominee.  Maybe Omar or Tlaib or Ocasio-Cortez speaks, and the roof gets blown away by thunderous enthusiastic cheering as one of them blasts Israel.

Graphic credit: Donkey Hotey.