A hundred thousand unvetted migrants here in just three months?

Catch and release is back -- in a big way. Illegal migrants are pouring in now, and borders are apparently non-existent at this point.

Here's the Daily Caller report:

ICE detainment centers have become so overwhelmed with illegal aliens that the agency has been forced to release over 100,000 migrant family members in the past three months.

While speaking to reporters on Thursday, Nathalie Asher, a senior official with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, revealed that her agency has had to reallocate resources as it deals with a “crushing” surge of illegal aliens on the country’s southern border. ICE has not only been forced to reduce its activity in the interior of the U.S., but the agency’s overcrowded detainment centers have released 107,000 migrant family members in the past three months, averaging more than 1,000 illegals a day.

The U.S. starting to seem like Europe, circa 2015. Remember those days when German Chancellor Angela Merkel pretty much invited the world to come to Europe ... and they did? The Daily Caller reports that only "some" are being released with papers ordering them to appear in court or ankle monitors - meaning, many are not. California's Gavin Newsom is pretty much inviting them, too - with his ever-increasing banquet of incentives for them to come to California for the benefits. And with ICE legally unable to hold these people - and probably unwilling to even try, given the negative publicity they get whenever a water-starved or disease-ravaged migrant dies on their hands (funny how the smuggling cartels who put the migrants in those conditions never get any negative publicity) - they're not even a human border, which is what Democrats have been calling for in lieu of an actual wall.

It's a loss of control. Who knows who these people are? As they roll into border city neighborhoods and shelters, no one knows their criminal records from their home countries - whether they are gang members, or the very people making life hell for the others who are also emigrating. No one knows whether they have education, language, or skill sets needed to prosper in this country. No one knows whether they are bringing in infectious diseases. No one knows what their values are - whether they would actually like it here and fit right in, helping to contribute to the country's prosperity, or would be capable of assimilating only into the underclass, unable to rise, draining ever more resources they never paid into, and seething at bitterness at their own failure as prosperity swirls around them.

And somehow, anyone asking questions about this is the bad guy, not the people breaking in freestyle. From the Democrats who offer the incentive goodies to illegals and even literally escort the illegals into the U.S., to the leftist judges whose philosophy is that it's never over until the migrant wins, to the Catholic bishops who call on the faithful to 'welcome the stranger,' evading the question of whether that stranger has any obligation to obey U.S. law as they seek to fill the pews or at least the church's NGO coffers, to the mainstream press with its endless addiction to one-sided migrant sob stories, the migrants have a large alliance of power pulling them in.

Now, it's a crisis point, not because President Trump says it is, but because it really is. It's likely not going to be over until every last Central American who wants to get here is here. And with conditions still unacknowledged to be a crisis, and the broad left showing all signs of actually wanting the migrant surge, it's going to be that way until a wall is built.

For those of us who still dream of laws meaning something in the U.S., that wall can't start soon enough. 


Image credit: Global News YouTube screen grab

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