Trump's speech on Venezuela was magnificent

President Trump's speech yesterday to a wildly enthusiastic crowd at Florida International University bears legitimate comparison to President Reagan's "Tear Down this Wall!" speech in Berlin.  It may even change history, as Reagan's did. With many Venezuelan immigrants, Cuban-Americans, and Nicaraguan-Americans in the audience, it was among his best public moments.  He was introduced by First Lady Melania Trump, who made the point that she had escaped a communist tyranny and knows what it feels like to enjoy the freedom of the United States.  Warm-up acts don't get any better than this. YouTube screen grab. Because it was given in the daytime, not prime time, many people were unable to see the historic moment on television, so video of the full speech is embedded below.  At this hour, transcripts are not yet available, unfortunately. There were two related themes: the futility of socialism, which leads to...(Read Full Post)