Trump makes big bully Alec Baldwin cry like a baby

OK, now here's one for the "embarrassments of the Left" hall of fame:

New York (CNN Business) — Alec Baldwin, the actor who plays President Trump on "SNL," is responding to the president's latest shot at the show.

Baldwin is asking if Trump's tweet "constitutes a threat" to his family's safety.

On Saturday night Baldwin reprised his Trump impersonation for an "SNL" skit that recreated the president's Friday morning speech about the border, the budget, and assorted other subjects.

By "SNL" standards, it was par for the course.  But Trump — who has fired back at the show numerous times in the past — fired up his Twitter account again on Sunday morning.

Trump called "SNL" unfunny and unfair, indicating that he probably saw at least parts of the episode from the night before.

What a baby.

If you can't stand the heat, it's time to get out of the kitchen.  Baldwin has made a career of satirizing President Trump and has done it over and over, and now he's upset that President Trump doesn't like it?  As if he hasn't noticed this before?  Trump used the word "retribution" in the typical Trump boilerplate tweet that Baldwin is whining about, here:

And for Trump, retribution has always been "you're fired," something that isn't going to happen, given that Trump has no influence over NBC or its Saturday Night Live show.

Baldwin is howling about that, worried sick over his "safety," as if his record as a bruiser isn't out there.

Trump's criticism didn't stop him in the past, but that was back when his skits were funny.  This latest one was a failure — nearly seven minutes long, which is an eternity in television, and boring as hell, missing the key lashing points of good satire.  I used to think his stuff was funny even if President Trump didn't, but now I think he's a bore.  Here's a link if you really want to hear it.  I think it was so bad that I won't waste time posting it.

Instead of bawling over Trump, Baldwin should actually be rejoicing.  Trump's tweet is evidence that he watched it, and whatever he tweets about it amounts to free publicity and clicks for Baldwin and his Saturday Night Live skits, something he doesn't deserve, given how dull he' gotten.  The criticism is actually a lifeline.  It would be natural for him to be secretly pleased about the whole thing — I know I was pleased when Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro (or rather, the Cuban agent running his Twitter feed) banned me from his account after I wrote this one.

But now this boob — who's constantly in trouble with the law for, no kidding, assaulting people — is concerned for his safety?  Give us a break.  What this whole affair, breathlessly covered in the press, sounds like is that Trump punched bully Baldwin in the nose, and Baldwin is now crying like a baby about it, the way bullies do.

Give us a break.

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