Maduro waddles into military training with Venezuela's troops to win them over

How bad is it for Venezuela's embattled dictator, Nicolás Maduro?

One of the most recent stories suggests it's a mess.

According to Breitbart News's Frances Martel, he's waddling his very well fed self over to Venezuela's air force troops as they train, in a bid to assure them he's "one of them."

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro once again posted videos of himself Wednesday appearing to train with his armed forces to prepare for an allegedly incoming U.S. invasion, this time participating in what appear to be cardiovascular exercises and training with the national air force.

The tweeted video is ridiculous.

Breitbart notes that he isn't exactly able march in step.  There are quite a few of these videos on the Maduro Twitter page, and in this Jan. 27 Breitbart report here, too.

It's weird stuff, given Maduro's obese, out-of-shape figure, obviously the product of being one of the few in the country who are able to eat, contrasted with the wiry thinness of the troops, who have been dealing with hunger, same as the rest of the country.

If you wanted to get troops to defect to the side of acting president Juan Guaidó, who stands ready to occupy the presidential palace on Maduro's exit, this Maduro act unintentionally might just be the way to do it.

Breitbart notes that air force troops, who are the target of Maduro's waddling affection, are defecting to Guaidó, matching other news reports.

Let's hope enough do it to leave this clown to exercise, by himself, in the yard at Gitmo.

Image credit: Twitter screen grab.

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