The fate of American justice lies with William Barr

Disgraced former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe provided a perfect demonstration of Deep State unaccountability and unapologetic arrogance in his 60 Minutes interview Sunday evening.  Our country has endured a two-year political assault on the administration of President Trump, and McCabe wants you to celebrate his own contribution to Comey's "higher calling" theme.  Exactly how a rogue Department of Justice took root is convoluted, but a simple analysis is that the Deep State decided that the best defense is a strong offense.  Subsequently, the DOJ unleashed this entire charade to obfuscate all of the misdeeds of the previous administration, leading up to and including the presidential election they actively tried to influence. 

The sheer audacity of McCabe to openly allege that there was a 25th Amendment coup d'état under consideration by unelected government bureaucrats should be a wake-up call to all citizens.  Outside the obvious treachery and desire to sell books, it indicates that McCabe does not believe he will be held accountable for his actions.  He's violating the "deny, deny, deny" tenet of the Left.  He must envision himself being carried off the field by an army of useful idiots.

The successful two-year hijacking of the DOJ by Obama holdovers might be one of the most remarkable stories in our political history.  Is it a sign of things to come?  We've been witnessing a proactive deterrent against any public official who dares to defy the swamp machine and their lefty lapdogs in the mainstream media.  We should not simply fear that dirty individuals are poised to get away with high crimes; we should fear that the DOJ has been permanently corrupted by this precedent.  Must we be resigned to a two-tier justice system: one for the ruling-class left, and one for the rest of us plebes?  It also raises the question: will this happen to the next Republican president?  What steps are needed to ensure that it won't?

The newly sworn in attorney general, William Barr, is out there right now contemplating the level of response required to move forward.  Is he inclined to do the bare minimum to sweep this whole thing under the rug, or is he the man of integrity we've heard many proclaim him to be?  The level of impact of his future actions cannot be understated. 

If the complete politicization of the DOJ and FBI is allowed to go unpunished, not only will it happen again by the next Democrat president, but we may never see another Republican president.  Who, in his right mind, would sign up to have his life destroyed or the lives of all of his associates destroyed?  The precedent could not be clearer: only Democrats and those aligned with the D.C. establishment get a pass. 

Without equal justice under the law, we are headed down a path to an unrecoverable state.  In the same fashion that faith in the dollar is what gives the dollar value in our economic system, faith in the blind administration of justice is what gives citizens faith in our legal system.  In a nation of laws, what happens when the laws themselves lose this intrinsic value?  We are witnessing the answer to that question on our southern border and in D.C.  Lawlessness is a cancer that is spreading. 

Among the plethora of crimes that should be considered by Barr, some of the most basic and critical to the restoration of faith in the DOJ include:

  1. The mishandling of classified information by top government officials.
  2. Leaking classified information to the press.
  3. Spying on an opposition presidential campaign.
  4. The FISA court abuses to spy on U.S. citizens.
  5. Unlawful unmasking of U.S. citizens.
  6. The obstruction of justice by senior DOJ officials relating to all of the above.

After all we have witnessed in the last two years, it seems foolish to think Barr has the guts to muscle the wheel back in the other direction.  He would need to do so in the face of the entire Deep State establishment and the heavy winds of the mainstream media.  It will be a miracle if he has the vision and strength of character to put justice ahead of himself and the swamp.  If he chooses the path of least resistance, future generations will pay the price. 

Will establishment acceptance of his actions be a key consideration?  Will Barr quietly and expediently bring to conclusion what most Americans see as openly political fishing expedition in Mueller's office of unaccountability?  With all eyes on Barr, does he dare cross the left by doing what is unpopular in D.C. or by issuing indictments against any in a myriad of lawbreakers who have done massive harm to our country?  Perhaps McCabe's fearless candor is a leading indicator on that. 

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