Former vice president Joe Biden (D) is an embarrassment to the USA

So there was the extremely sore loser, former Democratic senator from Delaware, former Democratic vice president of the United States, and president wannabe past and future, Joe Biden, speaking at the Munich (Germany) Security Conference, stating to the many European foreign leaders gathered there that he saw present-day America as "an embarrassment" and its trade policies "self-defeating." 

"The America I see values basic human decency, not snatching children from their parents or turning our back on refugees at our border. Americans know that's not right," the former vice president and potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate told the Munich Security Conference.  "The American people understand plainly that this makes us an embarrassment.  The American people know, overwhelmingly, that it is not right.  That it is not who we are."

YouTube screen grab.

Oh?  So Biden believes he can gain points with Europeans by publicly bashing — overseas, in Europe — his fellow citizens who disagree with him, and indirectly the democratically (small d, not to be confused with the hate-America-first Democratic Party) elected president they chose.  Against his wishes, as he despises the president — and, by extension, his own country.  As do the Europeans.  So yes, he gained the European approval he so desperately sought that he couldn't get from his own country. 

Biden gurgled on.  Biden's country now, under the administration he so opposes, boasts the lowest unemployment in years, including historically low unemployment for women, for blacks, for even the unskilled.  The European leaders, whose countries on the whole suffer from high unemployment, especially among their youth and immigrant refugees, whose citizens endure a much lower standard of living than the USA, whose countries are basically stagnating at best, cheered!  Cheered an American leader whose dislike for America and its leader matches theirs. 

However, to use Joe Biden's own words, "the American people know, overwhelmingly, that it is not right.  That it is not who we are."

The day before, Vice President Mike Pence (R) spoke to the same group.  He did not receive cheers when he offered greetings from President Donald J. Trump (R).  He also did not get any cheers when he told the Europeans to pay their agreed upon NATO commitments — only the USA pays its bill in full to defend Europe. More silence — even disagreement — when Pence told these security conference leaders to join the U.S. in sanctioning Iran and withdraw from its lucrative trade with that nation.  The telling silence continued as Pence warned them about China's and Russia's less than friendly intentions and to lessen their trade with the Russians because "we cannot ensure the defense of the West if our allies are dependent on the East," Pence said.

The defense minister of our supposed ally Germany broke the silence when she "declared that Berlin would not be 'neutral' in the great power competition between the United States and China." 

"NATO is more than just a military alliance," she said Friday through a translator.  "It is a political alliance. And as a political alliance, we are faced with what is a prominent feature of the new security feature, the return of great power competition.  Our American friends recognized that early on and we too understand this now."

And so, some things never change.  Munich, Germany was the birthplace of the Nazi movement, where Britain's then-prime minister Neville Chamberlain signed a worthless piece of paper along with German, Italian, and French government representatives giving Germany parts of Czechoslovakia in exchange for "peace in our time," which — oh, what not a surprise — Germany violated.  Exactly 75 years prior to Pence's and Biden's talks before this security conference, World War II Allies (mainly the U.S.) were in the final planning stages of saving Europe.  Post-World War II, the U.S. donated untold billions over 70 years to rebuild the devastated continent and to protect it from Communist Russia.  Nevertheless, the Europeans dislike America and Americans. 

President Trump is now informing Europe that it is time to actively participate in its own defense; whiny opposition failure Joe Biden is willing to appease the equally failed Europe to spite his own country's leader, with whom he disagrees. 

Joe Biden is more than an embarrassment.  He is a danger to the freedom of the USA.  This behavior indicates he is not fit to be president.