The question of sea level rise

Sea level has risen about 400 feet since the last glacial maximum of ~18,000 years ago (see fig. below). Currently, sea level is rising at the rate of 1-2mm per year — and has been rising at that rate for the past several centuries. At that rate, S.L. will be about six inches higher by 2100 — a long way from Al Gore's 2006 estimate of a 20-foot rise. By choosing a short interval, 1910–1942, of certified warming, I can show the lack of any acceleration (see below).  SLR does not depend on ocean temperature — or CO2. Every one of the individual records of SLR shows this constancy of SLR. But water expands when heated, so why doesn't SLR accelerate as temperature rises?  I assume that evaporation of sea water offsets the expansion, with increased humidity and precipitation.  I fully expect to see more ice deposited on the Antarctic continent — probably too hard to measure...(Read Full Post)
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