The rising tide of climate lunacy

A New South Wales judge (an ex-lawyer and activist from the Environmental Defenders Office) has stopped development of the small Rocky Hill coking coal mine because the commonwealth government has signed the Paris Climate agreement, which requires "rapid and deep reduction in GHG emissions."

Two things are obvious.

Firstly, this decision must be appealed and overturned.

Secondly, Australia must immediately withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

If this decision is not overturned, every development of coal, oil, or gas in Australia can be challenged.

But the ominous implications go much farther.  The sports and tourism industries should be fearful.  These industries encourage millions of competitors, visitors, tourists, officials, and politicians to use cars, trains, buses, planes, and ships to burn hydrocarbon fuels purely for entertainment.  Car-racing is out, as are new cruise terminals, stadiums, resorts, high-rise hotels, and fireworks.

Moreover, any new road, rail, or airport development will add emissions and must be stopped along with any expansion of the grazing or timber industries and the brewing of beer.

There are some good things: it should mark the end of tax-funded climate jamborees and study tours for politicians.  They should stay among their electorates and conduct electronic meetings via their own expensive NBN.

But if they can stop the mining of coking coal, this will also stop metal-smelting, refining, and steel-making.

This decision surely marks the high water mark of climate lunacy.