It’s called 'illegal,' not 'undocumented' immigration

Have you ever been on a busy two-lane road and up ahead see that it's going down to one lane due to construction?  You get in the lane full of cars that have to wait, and someone is flying by you in the lane that will be ending.  He's looking to jump in line way ahead of you instead of waiting his turn.

That's what illegal aliens do every time they enter the U.S. while good people who want to be Americans are made to wait and often don't get in at all.

Democrats will declare that we don't need walls because they are "immoral" and "don't work" anyway.  Then they will tell us that millions of "undocumented immigrants" need to come out of the shadows because we don't know who they are.

Isn't that the point of legal immigration — knowing who is in your country?

We don't even know how many illegal aliens are in the U.S.  The number ranges from 11 million to 20 million.  Really, who knows?

If we truly don't know how many illegal aliens are here, it is therefore logical to conclude that we don't know how many bad people are here.  One thing is certain.  As the number of people grows, so too does the percentage of bad people — gang members, rapists, murderers, thieves, et. al.

Something else is certain as well.  All illegal aliens, by definition, are criminals.

Democrats would have you believe that by waving the magic wand of "comprehensive immigration reform," all illegal aliens can be made legal, and Americans can instantly feel better.  The problem is that doing so will not change the hearts of those people.  Good people will remain good, and bad people will remain bad.

In our two-party system, Democrat leaders have the political will to import as many illegal aliens as possible.  Republican leaders haven't had the political will to stop it.

Both positions are, well, criminal.

We can divine that an extremely high percentage of illegal aliens work in the U.S.  If they didn't, they would either leave or commit crime to subsidize their existence.

Either they are paid under the table as politicians look the other way or they are using stolen or fraudulent Social Security numbers.  Look at that: more crime.

For many, the crime of entering a country illegally is a gateway crime that leads to more crime.  Employment opportunities are certainly limited if a prospective employee doesn't meet the requirements of being a citizen.  Simply awarding that person legal status isn't the answer.

We're also told we need illegal aliens because they are willing to do jobs Americans won't do.  This necessarily must mean we are importing illegal aliens to perform low-skilled jobs; we are importing illegal aliens who are poor.

It is nothing more than a flawed assumption that Americans won't do these jobs.  If there are no illegal aliens to do them, there will be citizens who will.  As the supply of workers dwindles, the demand for workers will rise.  Consequently, so too will wages.

Isn't this what Democrats say they want for minorities and the poor among us?

America was founded on the idea of a meritocracy.  If you work hard, you can acquire more property.  As a result, you become part of what Adam Smith termed the Invisible Hand that surreptitiously benefits society.  Any way you slice it, when an individual illegally enters our country and takes up residence, that person does so not based on earning it.  He circumvents those who seek to do so legally, which is an arduous process that should be made simpler while making illegal immigration what it is: criminal.

Joe Sixpack is the author of the book Socialism Sucks Your Money from Your Pocket (Rebel Press, March 19, 2019) and publisher of the social media page Real Joe Sixpack.

Image credit: Nick Youngson.

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