The pro-choice license to kill

What we all knew all the time has been publicly acknowledged by its former deniers — namely, that what is in a pregnant woman's womb is a child.  That child's right to live — given him by the One who made his birth possible — may nevertheless be "lawfully" denied by his mother if she doesn't want him and allows him to be killed for reasons of her own.  Such "legal" killing, deceptively labeled "pro-choice," ruthlessly denies the natural right of the baby to live. It shatters comprehension that a mind and heart can separate to form such a deadly ambivalence as either to kill an innocent human life in or out of the womb or, alternatively, to bear the child and see to his welfare.  Such detachment from human sensibility and instinct regarding human life — an infant's life, no less! — hovers between pathological and criminal.  The sense and the function of being...(Read Full Post)
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