The border emergency is about 2020, not the courts

It won't be long before some judge stops the president's border emergency order.  My money is on the judge writing the first opinion from San Francisco, Seattle, or Hawaii.

What happens in the courts?  It will go back and forth and head to the Supreme Court.  My guess is that President Trump will get five votes and win.

No matter what happens in the courts, this is all about 2020.  President Trump has successfully painted the Democrats as a party that does not believe there is a crisis on the border.  Some Democrats, like former representative O'Rourke, are even willing to eliminate existing barriers.  How crazy is that?

So the sides have been chosen.  On one side, President Trump and the GOP see a crisis.  On the other side, the Democrats think it's all manufactured.

The Democrats' "we need to say no to Trump" position is stupid and an electoral train wreck about to happen.

Of course there is a crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border.  I agree with this IBD editorial:

As we continue to face wave after wave of illegal immigrant [sic] "caravans" egged on by Democrats and open-borders advocates — and the possibility of drug dealers, terrorists and criminals crossing into our country unhindered — Trump's declaration became an imperative. 

As we've said for years, a nation that doesn't control its borders ceases to exist.  Period.

Exactly night.  No border, no nation.  My guess is that most Americans get that a nation has to have borders, or it will lose its sovereignty.

As we walk to 2020, a year away, President Trump will force Democrats to defend the nonsense that there is no border crisis.  My good guess is that a lot of Democrats will start to break from leadership and distance themselves from this utter nonsense of denying a crisis on the border.

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