Report: Nigerian brothers released by cops in Smollett case 'not racist, homophobic, or pro-Trump'

Ola and Abel Osundairo, the two brothers from Nigeria who were arrested and detained by police in connection with the Jussie Smollett "hate crime" incident, are not "racist, homophobic, or pro-Trump," according to TMZ.

We've spoken with "Empire" cast and crew, and they say Ola and Abel Osundairo do not fit the profile of racists and homophobes — not even close.  As we reported, both men have been extras on "Empire" for years and both are friendly with Jussie, and Abel is especially close to him.  We're told Jussie would frequently approach the brothers on set and chat about health and fitness.

Our Empire sources say Abel especially is an ally of the LGBTQ community, and neither have ever said anything positive about Trump.  They're both big Obama fans.

The brothers were caught on a security camera recording somewhere near where Smollett alleges that the attack took place on the night in question.  In fact, Smollett told Good Morning America on Thursday, before the brothers were arrested, that he was positive they were the attackers:

Prior to the police identifying and interviewing the two persons of interest, Smollett said he believes the two men in the photo released by police in the days after the attack are the perpetrators.

"I don't have any doubt in my mind that that's them," Smollett said.  "Never did."

The plot thickens.

Does this sound like people who would yell "MAGA country!" at a well known gay actor?

We're told Abel worked as an "Empire" extra as recently as a month ago.  They're considered family on the set ... well-known and well-liked by cast and crew.  

The folks we've spoken with say they find it impossible to believe Ola and Abel have the DNA of criminals who would carry out the acts that Jussie describes — and obviously cops now believe that as well. 

Police arrested the brothers for battery Friday after cops raided their home Wednesday and seized a long list of items, including several bottles of bleach.  However, late Friday Chicago PD released the brothers due to "new evidence" gathered from their interrogation ... and said they're no longer suspects.

As we reported, Jussie initially said his attackers were white — yet another fact that just doesn't track with the Osundairos [sic] profile.

AT's Taylor Day reports that Smollett has retained a defense attorney and that police have searched his residence.  Due to the unusual behavior by police in keeping almost all information about this case from the public, we don't know what they are still investigating after releasing the Nigerian brothers, what direction the investigation is going in, or if they believe that Smollett filed a false police report.

Chicago P.D. statements on the case have been very, very careful not to point the finger at Smollett.  The police spokesman said "there is also no evidence to say that this is a hoax."  That was Friday after the brothers were released, which could indicate that they were in the clear if the cops thought they helped Smollett stage the attack.

In truth, much of the CPD is walking on tiptoes around this incident, and specifically, Smollett's allegations.  As more facts emerge that contradict Smollett's original narrative of what happened, the police are bending over backward to maintain that Smollett is a "victim."

Second City Cop:

But the most useless superintendent in history continues the charade:

  • Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson contacted ABC7 to say they are continuing to treat Smollett as a victim and the investigation remains ongoing.

Just when you thought Special Ed couldn't sink any lower, he finds a shovel in the basement of the ManHole and starts to dig.

Does anyone have a picture of the Search Warrant copy left behind?  One media outlet had it and broadcast it.  We're told that the list of items being sought/seized has one rather interesting item that could spell big problems for Smollett and his accomplices.

That item could be a bottle of bleach that was taken from Smollett's residence.  Indeed, there is nothing remarkable about anyone having bleach lying around the house.  But forensics can determine not only what brand of bleach was splashed on Smollett's clothes the night of the attack, but if the bleach came from the same bottle that was found in his apartment.

The cops would dearly love for Smollett to confess.  It would make it much easier on them and on the city.  But Smollett has so much invested in this narrative that he will probably go down insisting that his version is the truth.