2020 Democratic candidates: Ahmadinejad, Khamenei, Chávez, and Maduro

From the beginning of this year, I have been watching Democrat nominees' speeches in campaign announcements and primary states.  They all have a common denominator: "free stuff" policies.

If you want to really understand the consequences of these nominees' promises, just study what "free stuff" policies have done to Iran and Venezuela, two of the wealthiest nations on Earth.  Every small detail of Democrats' policies can be traced to Ahmadinejad's and Chávez's economic and social policies: bank accounts for newborn babies, free subsidies and paychecks for taxpayers, free health care, millions of free apartments for the poor, free college, money distribution based on letters to the presidents, and universal basic income.

There are differences: Iranian and Venezuelan officials did not promote open borders because nobody is interested in immigrating to Iran or Venezuela.  They did not promote a Green New Deal because most of their constituents are so hungry and homeless (living in public slums) that the environment is not on their priority list.  Carbon footprints are the concern of urban and suburban populations in the West.  No one in Iran or Venezuela talked about taxing the rich, or about 70 percent taxes, because their political castes are the rich.

Now look: 1-million-percent inflation rate in Venezuela, negative 7.9 (2012)- and negative 3.9  (2014)-percent growth rate in Iran and Venezuela, two million hungry Venezuelan refugees in Colombia, and 5 million Iranian refugees all over the world.

Ahmadinajed's and Chávez's policies promised to bring about social justice but made their people poorer.  All these SJWs usually promise Heaven but produce Hell.  Before Ahmadinejad's terms in office, one third of Iranians lived under the poverty line; when he left office, two thirds were living under poverty line.  The number of homeless people living in parks in the last decade has increased ten times.  Ali Khamenei was a staunch supporter of Ahmadinejad's social justice policies, while corruption has been skyrocketing in the country.

You may be a caring person and think socialism is fine in a wealthy country (poor nations do not have enough resources to be distributed by the Left), but before voting for Cory Ahmadinejad, Kamala Chávez, Elizabeth Maduro, Beto Raisi, and Bernie Khamenei, just take a look at Iran's and Venezuela's economic records in the last 15 years.  If you are skeptical about World Bank and U.N. statistics, you can take a look at the numbers of their own central banks.

Beside Democrats' leftist economic and social policies, the leftist-Islamist trio in the Congress (Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib) gives you a sense of the direction they are heading in: anti-Americanism, anti-Semite, and pro-Islamist policies that will expedite the destruction of Western civilization.  To stop Trump's policies, the Democratic Party has evolved to an authoritarian and totalitarian party similar to the parties of dictatorial regimes.  As a legal immigrant (naturalized in 2011), I do not want to see this beloved country fail.

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