Stripper-slash-rapper Cardi B is the perfect Democrat

As an example of the absolute state of the DNC, Cardi B has been invited by "influential Democrats" to speak to an event for the Polk County Iowa Democratic organization.  In a desperate attempt to use her to appeal to younger voters or just hoping for a tutorial on how to dance provocatively, the donkey party is showing that Democrats no longer take politics seriously.  Cardi B is the perfect manifestation of this. Cardi B is a female rapper who climbed out from an obscure Brooklyn strip club when she achieved internet fame by making profanity-laced videos discussing her stripping days.  Now she makes music glorifying drug-trafficking, debauchery, and violence against women when she's not actually assaulting women and uploading videos of her "twerking."  But Democratic leaders are willing to overlook all of this, including her rape jokes and her entire lack of decorum, because she is vocal about her disdain for...(Read Full Post)
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