Some comeuppance for Univision's Jorge Ramos?

Univision's star anchorman, Jorge Ramos, got a taste of what a real dictator is over in Caracas, when, after showing Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro a cell phone video of starving Venezuelans eating out of a garbage truck, found himself and his television crew shoved in a dark room for two and a half hours in detention, only to be released with their expensive television equipment and interview material stolen. Here's the Washington Post report of what went down: Journalist Jorge Ramos and his Univision team were detained at Nicolás Maduro's presidential palace in the Venezuelan capital Monday, reportedly because Maduro didn't like the questions the reporters were asking him during an interview. The group was freed shortly after, said Daniel Coronell, Univision's president for news in the United States.  Coronell said Venezuelan government officials confiscated the journalists' equipment. Ramos, in a...(Read Full Post)
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