Ready for Hillary one more time?

Well, well, well...what have we here?  Another recrudescence of Hillary Clinton, still hankering for the presidency.

She's always looking for Just That Opportunity to slip herself into the national "conversation."  Apparently, she sees an "in," according to her longtime surrogate, pollster Mark Penn, in an interview with Fox News.

The American Mirror reports:

Former Clinton pollster Mark Penn told Fox News this morning there are a number of scenarios that may lead to a third Hillary candidacy.

After defending Clinton's credentials as "one of the most experienced politicians around," Penn went on to say of the reported recent confabs between Hillary and declared candidates, "Those meetings are going to be somewhat awkward because she hasn't declared that she's not definitely running, and she, in fact, at the same time is looking over the field and I think will make a decision later in the year whether or not to run herself."

Penn said the chances of Hillary running depends on how the field shapes up.

"If the party looks too far to the left and there's no front runner, she'll get in," he said.

Again and again, she's let it slip out that she wants to run. 

She's made campaign-style speeches at Wellesley University.

She's waxed fantastic about Winston Churchill and his political comeback.

She's had other surrogates say the chances of her running are "not zero."

She's looking at a crowded field, and she's got name recognition, fundraising muscle, and the media in her hip pocket.

And she can see that they've all swung left-wing, kind of leaving a moderate slot open.

Now she's playing Momma Clinton, warning all the young whippersnappers out there running for president not to make her come over there and run for president as that moderate because they can't stop trying to out-left-wing each other.  Howie Schultz is not going to cut it as that figure, so that leaves her.  A woman's work is never done. 

The recrudescence of Hillary?  Lucky Democrats.  And she's not even a moderate; she's just cleverer about hiding her political proclivities, and she's got a curtain of sorts in that she's far more famous for her corruption.

As I wrote during her last go-round of weather balloons about her plan to run:

Does the public really want to hear her arrogant hectoring voice again, or to see her menagerie of yes-women such as Cheryl Mills or Huma Abedin cocooning around her and wielding great unaccountable power, or watch more Central Park pantsuit dances?  Does the public really want more Obama Economy, single-payer health care, and leading from behind?  Does the public actually want more of Chelsea Clinton and her nasty, unpleasant tweets (if not power) in front of us?

The mind boggles.

If she runs, she's quite likely to be defeated a second time, as President Trump trounces her on the strength of his economic revival.  Yet the very idea of losing to President Trump as she did earlier must cheese her off daily, leaving her weeping and gnashing her teeth.

Her ego and delusions intact, she persists.  I suspect President Trump will respond to such a scenario with: "Bring it on."

She's probably (finally) listening to Bill, which means she's desperate.

All the same, it's great that she's still the Democrats' problem.  They've got no one to blame but themselves.

Image credit: Lee District Democratic Committee via Wikimedia Commons, with modification, CC BY SA 2.0.

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