Kamala Harris's solution to Venezuela crisis bombs with Venezuelans

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris belatedly weighed in on the Venezuelan crisis, seeking to show us her "leadership."

Here's her pair of tweets, sandwiched in between her calls for gun control, a $15-an-hour minimum wage, her supposed refusal to take PAC money (probably couldn't get any), and vague boilerplate about "better education":



Get a load of that one at the top, about the TPS, or temporary protected status for Venezuelans presumably already in the U.S.  Here they are in the fight of their lives to restore their democracy themselves, and she's offering a few thousand of them some piddly little immigration bennies, along with a schoolmarmish scolding for Maduro, as her solution.

And that day-late, dollar-short pronunciamento is probably about to be expected.  She knows nothing about the country except that its socialism is embarrassing, and she's as socialist as the rest of the clown car of Democratic candidates, deny it or not.

But the tweet about extending TPS to Venezuelans in the U.S. as her big solution to the crisis was found to be just a little galling to Venezuelans and Venezuelan-Americans, if you look at this sample of the responses she got from them on Twitter.





She seems to have mixed Venezuelans up with Hondurans, most of whom just don't want to live there anymore and who are united with their government in forever seeking temporary protected status for their unemployables and potential dissidents.  Latinos...guess they all look alike to you, Kamala?

Worse still, she seems to think the whole valiant Venezuelan effort to take their country back, and the necessary U.S. role to support them alongside the rest of Latin America as they seek to free their country from the death grip of socialism, is really about just more access to green cards here.

As I tweeted myself to the woman, her solution to the crisis is a safety valve for Maduro.  She seems to think that is the best solution, not a restoration of democracy done by Venezuelans, given that Central Americans have been using that for years to avoid any reform of their socialist countries.  Just have Uncle Sugar take the discontented ones, and the Venezuelan socialism can carry on as normal.  That seems to be her plan.  Oh, and her schoolmarmy hectoring about there being "no excuse for this" with regard to the dictatorship's brutal use of food and violence to maintain its grip on power looks pretty amateur-hour.  This ain't schoolboys talking out of turn, Kam; this is a dictatorship fighting to the death by any means necessary.

Some Venezuelans suggested in those tweets that the whole thing looks like domestic politics to them, given that President Trump is snatching away the Latino vote, and all you have to do is offer the dog biscuit of a green card to win them back.  No, Trump is winning Latinos over precisely because of his firm yet interestingly hands off stance on Venezuela, which portends bad news for the Cuban and Nicaraguan regimes as well.  His stance is a do-it-yourself program for all Latin democracies, even the Central American ones, to take back your democracies and run your countries like normal countries, ending the socialist nightmares.  That is playing big with Latinos in addition to Trump's stance to restore rule of law to the U.S. border and cut the cartel smuggling rackets that profit from the existing lawlessness off at the knees.

No wonder Trump is winning the Latino vote.  Harris's insulting offer to Venezuelans is just another reason for Latinos to stand tall with Trump.





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