Acting AG Matthew Whitaker: Football impresario, stomper of Democrats

The Judiciary Committee hearing on February 8, 2019, held by Chairman Nadler (D-N.Y.) with committee witness Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, became an epic historic failure.  Acting A.G. Whitaker's testimony is for the ages. It is simple: just watch clips from the hearing while taking note of the video of the Iowa Hawkeyes scoring a touchdown on a pass thrown to Number 46, Matt Whitaker.  If a person is capable of doing what Number 46 did under tremendous pressure, then  the hearing was easily a symbolic walk in the park for the Acting A.G. The former Iowa varsity Rose Bowl player symbolically ran every play he knew on the Democrats of the committee, while keeping a true Iowa nice style.  It was a day of symbolic smash mouth football while at times channeling  his brilliant fake punt for a TD. "Five minutes for lunch"?  They did not see that coming. A moment for the ages is captured in...(Read Full Post)
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