Where is Sean Penn when we really need him?

Not long ago, Sean Penn embraced socialism in Cuba and Venezuela in an effort to establish his left-wing credentials. Remember when Penn said Hugo Chávez was an "inspiration"?  As my late father used to say: "Qué estupidez," or "What stupidity." Down in Venezuela, the opposition to Maduro could use a little support.  Over the last 24 hours, the opposition leader was arrested, as we see in news reports: Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on Sunday said that President Nicolas Maduro's adversaries were "not afraid" even though he was briefly detained by intelligence agents, days after announcing he would be willing to replace the increasingly isolated president. Mr. Guaidó represents a lot of Venezuelans.  I am delighted that President Jair Bolsonaro announced that Brazil recognizes him as the president. We've reached a point where Maduro...(Read Full Post)
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