Manliness vs. Romneyism

It is, at least to some (especially those who rely on the mass media for the information), rather surprising that President Trump's poll numbers are going up, and that the public at large is increasingly of the opinion that the attacks on the president – especially those of the so-called "Mueller investigation" – are a totally concocted and artificial scam.

Thinking more about this, one realizes an essential truth – really, one of the great lessons for our time: that having the brass to stick out hard times is crucial.  It is this as much as anything that is allowing President Donald Trump to actually do many things that other presidents have promised to do and then failed to do.

Such strength and sticktoitiveness is almost unique to our current president.  Strength today is put forth as weakness, masculinity as a flaw.

This "war" on boys and men is part and parcel of what those who hate America are doing to, yes, "unman" it.

Before the attacks that manhood has been receiving of late, there was a more gentle approach, often with a similar goal: weakening manliness by calling it incivility.  "Romneyism," if you will – a willingness to fold up one's tent and to withdraw from battle at the first sign of resistance, and then calling this a strength: "Mannerliness."  "Politeness."  "Civility."

Thus, true men in our society today are, apart from in the sports arena, looked upon askance.  Yes, even those that saved their nation, saved the world.  Men such as Winston Churchill.

In their place, we see equally weakness and weasels.  Weak boys paraded as men.  Applauded for their civility, but in fact mere compromisers.  And, sadly, elections that provide only such as a choice.  (Obama vs. Romney was the perfect example.)

But all it takes is one man to stand up, bold and brave, and the boys will flee.  This we are seeing.  The men are back in charge.

Without the media, this would be happening even more quickly than it is, for people – both men and women – do see and do understand.  Add a voice loud enough to be heard above the media din, and true manhood stands apart – applauded and vindicated.  We are seeing this to a growing degree with our president, Donald J. Trump.