How Dan Rather got lots of us to start blogging

Back in September 2004, many of us were trying to figure out this new medium of "blogging."  Finally, it was Dan Rather and that awful story about President George W. Bush that got me started. During the '04 election, I warned my liberal friends outside Texas to avoid the Bush military service story.  As I told them on the phone, or even some media people who called for interviews or reactions, I remembered that the story surfaced in 1994, when President Bush challenged incumbent governor Anne Richards.  It came out during the campaign, and Bush answered some questions.  Richards dropped it, in the same way that Al Gore killed it in 2000.  I warned my liberal friends to stay away from this story, because it was not a story.  It was a lot of nonsense promoted by people with an anti-Bush agenda rather than reporting the truth. I said: Don't fall for this garbage. But my liberal friends are bad...(Read Full Post)
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