Women's March canceled because participants 'overwhelmingly white'

The American left is becoming a visibly racist, anti-white movement, despite the fact that its membership tends to be predominantly Caucasian.  This is not a strategy that promises electoral success, but it does offer self-gratification for non-whites and self-hating Caucasians, who evidently enjoy feeling more enlightened than their fellow People of Pallor. This is hardly surprising, since the left embraces the twin notions that America is an inherently racist country and that an individual's identity as a member of a racial group is more important than any particular achievements, attitudes, and characteristics that person may carry.  In practice, this gets awkward for white leftists, such as those pushing the so-called "Women's March," to be held nationwide, continuing the "pussy hat" march held shortly after Donald Trump's inauguration.  It is especially awkward for those leftists who live in parts of the country...(Read Full Post)
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