The other Solzhenitsyn

The 100th anniversary of possibly the greatest writer of the tortured 20th century has predictably and justly given rise to numerous encomiums, such as this one from one of the great man's best interpreters.  There is no doubt that Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, if not St. John, to whom he has been compared, in his epochal struggle with communist totalitarianism, at the very least drove a key nail in the coffin of communist inhumanity.  What he did without any doubt was to open the eyes of the West to the reality of the murderous Stalinist regime in the Soviet Union, and also in Eastern Europe, in China, and wherever communism had triumphed.  Expose it he did in all of its genocidal fury, the left's unwillingness to 'fess up to it notwithstanding. All of this is well established, and Solzhenitsyn's reputation as a giant among writers is secure and unshakeable.  Yet there is another side to him that justifies us in...(Read Full Post)
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