Are 'deplorables’ reaching the breaking point...again?

Another possible government shutdown showdown just ahead of Christmas, along with news of massive protests in France against unfair and unsustainable tax policies, has comments sections on conservative sites buzzing with calls to just "shut it down" if funding for the border wall is not included in the budget.

Candidate Trump's "forgotten" men and women are getting antsy.

On January 20, 2017, during his inaugural address, newly elected President Trump rightly declared:

[T]he wealth of the middle class has been ripped from their homes and redistributed[.] ... Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit American workers and American families. We must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries[.]

Ironically, as the Democrats and their RINO pals ride roughshod over our liberties and undermine the president's accomplishments at every turn, President Trump's middle-class revolution has spread across the ocean to France.

France's President Macron's climate change agenda prompted him to raise fuel taxes, which in turn fueled riots in Paris and other cities. Macron's belief in lower carbon emissions is not at all different from Obama and his would-be successor in the U.S. who vowed to bankrupt coal.  It seems, sooner or later, citizens of socialist and socialist-lite countries wake up to the machinations of the ruling-class elites and their self-serving policies.

Americans witnessing leftist-funded caravans of third-world invaders at the border these past few months may be akin to the French hit with another tax.  Nancy Pelosi, waiting in the wings to destroy the president and all of his achievements, called the protection of our border with a wall "immoral."  This, as she goes home to a million-dollar mansion surrounded by a beautiful white wall!

More and more people, liberal and conservative, are questioning the left's hypocrisy and the insanity of allowing millions of illegals to be rewarded with our tax dollars.

If we dare protest against elected representatives force-feeding us their liberal propaganda about our duty to the "poor migrants," we are essentially told to sit down and shut up.

The problem for Pelosi and her ilk, like Macron of France, is that they never really know when Americans paying their salaries will have had enough.

French teacher and journalist Marie Brunerie, writing from the class struggle angle, says Macron's latest announcement of a fuel tax hike roused "diverse, if not totally incompatible" groups to rally in the streets with cries of "enough is enough."

Even after the French government promised subsidies for those buying less polluting cars, protesters interviewed by Brunerie repeated the same frustration over and over again: "How can I even think of buying an electric car when I can't pay for my rent and I am out of cash by the tenth day of the month?"

In her op-ed, Brunerie concedes that the French are paying the price for their support of a "free" education system from elementary school to university and what she sarcastically says is their "world-famous" "social security system," which pays all medical costs.

On December 3, the New York Times agreed with Brunerie, reporting that the yellow vest protest movement in France included "a mix of small-business owners, independent contractors, farmers, home aides, nurses and truck drivers.  They live and work primarily in rural towns and in the suburbs or exurbs of France's big cities, many earning just enough to get by."

Does all this sound familiar?

Here, in the United States, Americans on both sides of the ideological divide believe that the reliance on working and middle classes to finance the estimated $135 billion-per-year cost of illegal immigration may eventually drive the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump into the streets.

When the American middle class pays the highest price for the left's agenda of open borders and social welfare programs while simultaneously being called "racist," "irredeemable," and "fascist," it is only a matter of time before Americans start donning their own version of yellow vests.