So much for those reforms in Cuba

For a couple of years, we've heard about reforms in Cuba and all those efforts to expand small businesses on the island. Well, not so fast.  It's always tough for a communist regime to change, and this one is no exception. This is from AFP: Ten years after they were first authorized to do business in Cuba, private entrepreneurs will be subjected to tougher restrictions from Friday – a move likely to stall their expansion on the communist-ruled island. For Estrella Rivas, who rents out rooms in Havana's Vedado neighborhood, the new rules means she will be unable to offer breakfast to her guests – just a place to sleep. "That means less money for me," Rivas says matter-of-factly. So who is going to enforce the new rules on private-sector businesses, which now account for 13 percent of Cuba's workforce, or 592,000 people? "I don't know," replies Rivas.  "It seems there will be...(Read Full Post)