NeverTrumps: Soulless, disgraces, frauds

President Trump ran on an agenda of lowering tax rates, reducing federal regulations, ending unfair trade practices, appointing judges who apply the Constitution as written, and most importantly building a wall on the Mexican border to protect Americans.  It is difficult to imagine that any Republican would oppose this agenda.  Yet the NeverTrump gang, from National Review to the Weekly Standard to the Bushies at Fox News, do nothing but attack President Trump as bad as the Schumer-Pelosi Democrats and the Hate Trump Media.  The best example of this NeverTrump derangement is the opposition to the wall. In 2006, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act, which was to provide for over 700 miles of double-link fencing.  It passed the House 283 to 138 and the Senate 80 to 19. But now the Dems who supported the Fence Act oppose a wall.  The difference between a fence and a wall is a distinction without a difference. So why the...(Read Full Post)
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