Jerry Brown gives rural Californians the middle finger

Now that he's heading out of office, California's Gov. Jerry Brown has let his hair down as to what he really thinks of people who don't live on California's coast. Here's an exchange reported between Brown and MSNBC's Chuck Todd, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon: "You won your gas tax fight, but rural Californians didn't like it," Todd said. "No, they don't.  They don't like a lot of things.  They voted against housing bonds, they voted for the Republican Cox who didn't even make 40 percent," Brown said, referring to his reelection's vote margin. He then went on to divide residents of his own state into the categories of "red" and "blue," siding with the wealthier, more Democratic residents on the coast, who have a majority and want to raise taxes on rural Californians. "There is the same divide in California as in...(Read Full Post)
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