Can the Washington Post's lefty journalists give these points of bias a whirl?

The close of 2018 has left us with quite a year in terms of media bias.  There are a lot of biased presses out there, not to mention television networks, but the Washington Post is one that stands out.  So here are some random thoughts I've put together for Washington Post reporters, columnists, and other opinionators to think about – and the rest of us, too.

It looks as though the stock market is going to rise over 1,000 points over the last four days of the year.  Could it be because the market is happy that President Trump is standing his ground on issues from the border wall to trade with China?  Or maybe the WaPo writers and other journalists should start to recognize that traders trade stocks up and down for myriad reasons, sometimes ones we don't know.  Maybe they can look at that instead of constantly blaming Trump.

I saw on ABC News last night that Trump hadn't talked with Senate minority leader Charles Schumer or House minority leader Nancy Pelosi for nineteen days.  The press essentially blamed Trump, as always.  Not once did these Democrat talking puppets of the press mention that Pelosi had been playing in a luxury resort in Hawaii, and that could be the problem.  The media narrative is never to blame Democrats.

I also would like to ask all Democrats why zoos use fourth-century technology, such as fences and walls, to keep dangerous animals in and the public out.  Why don't they just use modern technology?

Is it possible that the reason why the U.S economy is growing so much faster than that of other countries is better policies?  Or is it just blind luck and magic? 

Health care costs are stabilizing in 2019 after years of significant rises.  Could that be because health insurance companies no longer have a captive audience and consumers have more choices?  Or is it blind luck?

President Obama and others have said manufacturing jobs were gone for good.  Obama said it would take magic to bring them back.  Obviously, the magic consists of fewer regulations, lower taxes, more energy production, and leveling the playing field on trade.  When a president and his party believe that keeping manufacturing jobs requires magic, it is no wonder that we had the slowest economic recovery in seventy years.  Now we have Trump.

There are frequent articles saying Trump won't win by pleasing just his base, which is probably true, but where are the stories that Democrats can't win by pleasing just their base?  The base of socialists isn't big enough to win.  I am sure that leading Democrats, such as Elizabeth Warren, will try to expand their voter base to include those who believe in smaller government, which, according to polls, amounts to the majority of the American people.

Do Democrats understand that a significant reason for energy prices being so reasonable right now is record production?  That's helping the purchasing power of the poor and middle class, and nothing is being reported.  Do they understand that Democrat policies to stop energy production and block pipelines harm the poor and middle class while helping tyrants in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and elsewhere, whom Democrats pretend to be tough on?

Journalists must know the truth that previous across-the-board tax cuts have helped revive the economy and made tax revenues grow, not shrink.  So why does the Washington Post continue to report the lie that tax cuts shrink revenue?

It is factual that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally and that temperatures have risen and fallen for significant periods of time without a direct correlation to CO2.  So why do journalists choose not to report the truth?  Does anyone actually believe that politicians and bureaucrats who can't balance the budget, who refuse to spend $5 billion to secure the border, and who choose to lie continuously by saying we could keep our doctor, that we could keep our plan, that our premiums would go down and the budget deficit would go down can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever if we just hand over trillions of dollars to them?  If anyone believes these known liars, he should have his head examined and go snipe-hunting instead.  Success is much more likely.

Democrats gladly require photo IDs for many things that we need in our daily lives, yet they choose to lie that photo IDs as a requirement to vote oppress people.  I believe we all know why they lie and block those laws.

How many deaths of migrant children, based on dangerous caravans and human-smuggling operations, and how many deaths of innocents and cops at the hands of illegal aliens, must occur before Democrats will choose to follow the laws that Congress has already passed?  How many deaths before Democrats will secure the border and before journalists will place the blame for the deaths where it actually belongs instead of ginning up racial hate by calling President Trump and others who oppose open borders "xenophobes"?  Would we get President Trump's border wall if an illegal alien attacked or killed a Washington Post journalist?

There is absolutely nothing progressive about a party that continually moves toward greater government power and continually reduces the freedom and power of the people.  They should be called the regressive or oppressive party, as they want to remake America to move it backward and to make more people dependent on government.  Tyranny happens when government becomes too powerful.

Happy New Year to all, and I hope all journalists resolve to stop using Democrat talking points as a major component of what they report.  If they don't, they should register as lobbyists for the Democratic Party and report all their in-kind campaign contributions.

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