It's 'crazy' rather than cold outside

Politically correct madness shows up on a daily basis. It's enough to drive anybody crazy. How much more can they come up with? Over the last week, we heard from a professor in Minnesota about the story of the Immaculate Conception Virgin Birth. The Virgin Birth ties in with the Immaculate Conception, celebrated last Saturday.  As my Catholic friends know, December 8 is a "day of obligation," or one of "extra days" that we have to go to Mass.  As my mother used to say when we were kids: "misa o problema."  It loosely translates to "You go to Mass, or you are in deep trouble with me and God."  In other words, this is a day that we Catholics take very seriously. The Immaculate Conception, when the Blessed Mother was conceived without sin, had to happen so that she could give birth to Our Lord and remain a virgin.  But that is not exactly how Professor Sprankle sees...(Read Full Post)
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