Israel accuses Hezb'allah of a 'dangerous destabilization of the region'

The Israeli ambassador to the U.N. sent a letter to the Security Council asking the UN to "condemn in the strongest possible terms" the construction by the Lebanese terror group Hezb'allah of tunnels into Israel, while holding the Hezb'allah-dominated government of Lebanon "responsible for the dangerous destabilization of the region." The IDF carried out a military operation last week aimed at closing these tunnels that are being funded and constructed by the Iranians' proxy terror group.  United with Israel: In his letter, Danon charged that Hezbollah is "advancing an Iranian agenda to turn southern Lebanon into a launching pad for attacks that threaten the lives of innocent Israelis, while endangering Lebanon and its citizens." In light of the violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, Danon wrote that "the Lebanese government must abide by its international commitments and fully implement the...(Read Full Post)
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