Bush 41's long goodbye

The nation's farewell to its forty-first president continues with yet another day of ceremonial spectacle, following the state funeral and a national day of mourning that saw the stock exchanges and Postal Service shutting down.  The entire process has been incredibly well thought through, featuring impressive visual production values reinforcing the message that we are saying farewell to a giant among presidents. The Bush family and its many friends have done a superb job of planning, and the details have been handled with foresight and care.  Witness the specially painted truck, done in the presidential blue color of Air Force One and the presidential seal, that was deployed to Joint Base Ellington outside Houston to receive President Bush from the presidential 747 and transfer him to the waiting hearse.  Every detail of the sights and sounds of the ceremonies broadcast on so many channels has sent a message of dignity, power, and respect for the...(Read Full Post)
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