Bernie discovers that Congress declares wars

Where was Senator Sanders when President Obama got us into Libya and expanded the war in Yemen?  I don't know.

This week, Senator Sanders took the issue to the U.S. Senate floor:

In the final weeks in the 115th Congress, Sanders has renewed his drive to put the crisis in Yemen on the agenda, and the senator and his allies could get a vote on ending US aid to the Saudis this week. 

As the Washington Post reports, "The expected vote on a measure to invoke the War Powers Resolution – likely to take place Wednesday or Thursday – will be the first test of whether the slaying of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi has broken Congress's long-standing pattern of prioritizing the sanctity of the US-Saudi alliance through weapons sales and other cooperative military ventures over repeated, documented human rights violations."

In a way, I agree with Senator Sanders.

These "wars" should have been approved by Congress.  However, Senator Sanders is not exactly the best person to make such a case.  He certainly never said any of this when President Obama authorized drone strikes or expanded the wars in places like Yemen.

We have not had a war vote in the U.S. Congress since December 1941.  Since then, we've been in a few wars without Congress voting up or down.  Since 9/11, we've used that resolution to go after terrorists in several countries.  I agree that we should go after them wherever, but it would be nice if Congress would vote on it.

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