Al Roker: It's a sin not to fight climate change

Obviously, Al Roker believes greatly in God, since he is lecturing those of us who state truthfully that the climate has changed naturally and say man has no control over the climate that we are sinners. Roker has to know that man did not create the Earth, the Moon, the stars, and the Sun.  Man did not make it so humans breathe out CO2 that allows plants to grow.  Man also did not create carbon or oxygen.  Plants emit oxygen that allows humans to live, and that process was not created by man.  The chemicals in the atmosphere were not created by man.  The natural resources in the Earth were not created by man or put in the Earth by man.  The orbit of the Earth around the Sun each year and the rotation of the Earth each day were not decided by man.  The length of the day and year was not controlled by man.  Humans did not have anything to do with how far the Earth is from the Moon or the...(Read Full Post)