Unhappy and unappeased about McSally

Are you disgusted like I am that Martha McSally capitulated -- smiling on her couch with her dog, conceding the election to a lying, cheating code-pink pinko who deceived the voters into thinking she was a moderate when, in fact, she is about as far to the left as Medea Benjamin?  McSally not only let down supporters who stuffed envelopes, volunteered for and made contributions to her during the campaign, but people like me who made a last minute tiny donation to help her fight the recount only to see that money swirl down the toilet two days later when she gave up the recount fight she didn’t even fight. 

Meanwhile, we have rabid leftists in Florida and Georgia trying to wrest Republican victories from the jaws of defeat in their own technicolor moment. 

Well, color me red — and not for conservatism and the GOP, but for seething anger. 

According to Townhall.com, smiling McSal’ “can still serve in the U.S. Senate. Yes, even though she lost, it’s possible that she could represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate.”  How?  Governor Ducey can appoint McSally to John McCain’s Senate seat currently occupied by Jon Kyl, who doesn’t want to serve much beyond a year, anyway.  Apparently, we are supposed to be sated because our now defeated candidate gets to serve anyway.  No wonder she was smiling with her dog. 

But I’m not smiling.  While that’s all nice and lovely, it’s not what I expect Republicans to do—I know, I know, my expectations are out of sync with the idiocy of the GOP.  But the GOP has to know that we expect them to go out there with their lawyers and election officials and scrape and scratch for every damn vote, exposing every illegal vote, every overvote, every stolen vote, every fabricated vote.  We expect them to fight with the determination and will, the vim and vigor as if it were their last moment on Earth—just like the Dems do.  No.  We expect them to fight even more passionately because we are on the side of right; because we are the legitimate winners who are losing seats because of theft, fraud, and deception.  We are the underdogs, the David to their Goliath.   

We are not assuaged by the promise that McSally will get to serve anyway, because our goal wasn’t about McSally the person.  It isn’t that we are so enamored of her that we want her in the Senate no matter what.  We want both Senate seats to be occupied by Republicans and we just let one slip through our hands.  We did that.  We let it go.  We want McSally in the Senate because she is a Republican (even if she turned on the very Tea Party who got her elected to Congress the minute she entered its hallowed halls and proved later to be a bona fide NeverTrumper.  At a fraction of a conservative, she is still better than Sinema).  We want the GOP and McSally to fight for her seat and we want Governor Ducey to appoint ANOTHER Republican to take over where Jon Kyl leaves off until that seat is up for grabs again in 2024. 

The citizens of this country and especially the citizens of Arizona expect the two Senate seats in Arizona to be held by Republicans.   

That’s what victory looks like.  Appointing McSally to serve in the place of McCain/Kyl while conceding her race might tie things up in a lovely bow, but it’s not a victory.

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