Guess what? Five million more Central Americans are watching that caravan closely

The caravan moving through Mexico is the work of an open-borders group called Pueblo Sin Fronteras. And its project, to bring thousands of migrants to the U.S. border to either to nullify the U.S. asylum system by inundating it, or else just overrun the border by sheer numbers alone, taking advantage of the fact that the U.S. troops won't shoot as they do, is a genuine challenge to the U.S. Now, we learn that five million more Central Americans are interested in moving, too.

A new on-the-ground film from Ari Horowitz is well worth looking at for the agenda presented:


President Trump gets this. He understands that if the caravan can run circles around U.S. law this time, with the press making the sob stories compelling enough, public support for a border will vanish and the U.S. system of guarding its border will be reduced to border guards twiddling their thumbs as whoever wants in gets in.

And why that's important is that five million other Central Americans are watching and waiting to see if the risk is low enough for emigration to the states to be practical for them, too.

According to a Gallup survey, spotted by Neil Munro of Breitbart News, five million Central Americans, or, one out of three adults, would really like to move to another country. A bit more than half of those people would like that country to be the U.S. A bit more than half that number are already making preparations (9%). About a quarter of that subgroup is doing that now (2%).

Which shows what's at stake as President Trump attempts to shut down the caravan and encourage the would-be migrants to apply for entry or asylum legally.

Immigrants are like anyone - they look at their chances for entry and set their price for what they are willing to pay to get what they want. If the price goes down and it's pretty cheap to enter the U.S. without papers and without consequences owing to all the leftwing lawyers, more from that five-million pool will come. If the price rises, as President Trump demands entry through a legal process, only the most desperate to get out are going to think that journey is worth it.

What's more, if migrants are not permitted to work, which is apparently the deal Trump is offering them if they enter illegally and can't claim asylum, the cartels which finance these migrant journeys (regardless of whether they are via caravan or coyote) aren't going to be able to profit from illegal immigrants, given that they won't have jobs to pay the cost of their trips back, and that will either drive their costs up to compensate or they will cut back.

The press is downplaying the challenge the migrants pose to U.S. rule of law, pointing out that they are just people looking to better themselves. But what they are ignoring is the big picture - that it's either going to be expensive to cross the border illegally or it's going to be a free for all. With five million waiting to see how this caravan goes, the story means we can either get just a few more, or we can end up enticing all five million.

Image credit: Fox News, via YouTube screengrab

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