Nancy Pelosi's got her own resistance

In a couple of months, a bunch of new Democrats will be sworn in and select a new speaker.  Will it be Speaker Pelosi, round II or will they go younger?  We will find out,  but Mrs. Pelosi has a few problems already, according to this story on Politico:  It's going to be close at the very least: Without every race decided, Democrats have picked up 31 seats in the midterm elections for a total of 226, meaning Pelosi can lose eight votes on the House floor. However, Democratic leaders believe they’ll net another half-dozen seats that have yet to be formally called, meaning Pelosi could lose up to 14 members. Meanwhile, the anti-Pelosi faction — whom some have dubbed the “revolutionaries” or the “rebels” — are working to grow their numbers. Eight of them joined an hour-long conference call Wednesday night to discuss strategy and messaging. They’ve divvied up the names of just-elected candidates who have...(Read Full Post)
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